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Date update: 01.07.2024

Welcome to the world of online casinos, where the excitement of gambling meets the convenience of technology. If you’re here, chances are you’re already intrigued by the endless possibilities offered by keepwhatwin.com. As a team of passionate and experienced online casino enthusiasts, we understand the allure and excitement of this virtual realm. That is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a platform that not only offers top-notch entertainment but also serves as a guiding light for those new to the digital casino world. 

Who are we?

The site you’re currently exploring, keepwhatwin.com, first made its debut in June 2022. Created by a team of enthusiastic online gambling aficionados, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to immersing ourselves in the dynamic world of online casinos, witnessing its remarkable evolution along the way. In 2022, drawing from our rich reservoir of experience, we decided to offer a guiding hand to those new to the digital casino scene, helping them navigate its complexities with ease.

Our mission

Our fundamental mission is to craft impartial reviews of online casinos, providing a comprehensive insight into various casino brands for our visitors. Our aim is to connect you with top-tier online casino operators, ensuring you discover the ideal online gaming haven where you can play comfortably. We’ve meticulously examined hundreds of online casinos, evaluating and ranking them based on our firsthand experiences. Beyond reviews, we’re committed to enriching your knowledge with additional valuable content, including guides, the latest industry news, exclusive articles, and much more. Additionally, we’ve taken on the task of compiling an extensive collection of the best online casino bonuses, ranging from no deposit bonuses and welcoming packages to crypto bonuses and cashback offers. To date, we’ve scrutinized over 500 casino brands and identified upwards of 700 bonuses that promise outstanding value for players.

Since its inception, our humble project has witnessed exponential growth, soaring from zero to 100,000 monthly users in just a year, and our trajectory continues to ascend daily. We’re thrilled that our platform has proven beneficial to so many users, and your satisfaction is what fuels our dedication to continual improvement. Our eyes are set on achieving even loftier milestones, persisting in our efforts to review the finest casino brands and share the most lucrative bonuses for your enjoyment. We encourage you to bookmark keepwhatwin.com, confident in the value it will bring to your online gaming journey!

Our team

Matt Faessler

Matt Faessler

Australian Gambling Regulatory Specialist

Toom Hooper

Tom Hooper

SEO Content Manager