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Matt Faessler

Matt Faessler

Gambling Regulatory Specialist

Matt Faessler, an esteemed Australian Gambling Regulatory Specialist, has significantly contributed to shaping and understanding the complex world of gambling laws and regulations.

Early Life

Now in his 36, Faessler's journey from his birthplace in Canberra, the political epicenter of Australia, to the forefront of gambling regulation, showcases his dedication and expertise. Faessler's intrigue with policy and regulation was sparked early on, growing up in the politically charged atmosphere of Canberra. This curiosity laid the groundwork for his future career path.

Area of Competence

Faessler's competence lies in his profound understanding of Australian gambling laws and his adeptness at navigating the international regulatory landscape. His specialties include regulatory compliance and strategy development, consumer protection, and policy formulation.


He attended the Australian National University, a decision that would firmly plant his feet on the path to becoming a regulatory specialist. There, he pursued a degree in Business, with a focus on Marketing - a field he believed intersected interestingly with regulatory issues. You can find more about the Australian National University here.
While at university, Faessler actively participated in several arbitration conferences. These conferences, focusing on gaming regulations and innovations, were instrumental in shaping his understanding of the global gambling landscape. He notably attended the Sigma Conference in Malta, a significant event in the gaming industry's calendar, in 2016 and 2018. More details on the Sigma conferences can be found here.

Career Trajectory

Faessler's career took a definitive turn towards the gambling regulatory sector after graduation:

  1. Local Regulatory Body, Canberra (3 years): Faessler's initial role involved formulating local gambling policies. His tenure was marked by efforts to enhance consumer protection and advocate for responsible gambling practices. Similar regulatory bodies include the Australian Capital Territory Gambling and Racing Commission, details of which can be found here.
  2. National Gambling Authority, Sydney (5 years): Moving to Sydney, Faessler took on a more challenging role with the National Gambling Authority. His responsibilities expanded to overseeing compliance across various states and contributing to national policy development. This role is akin to positions within organizations like the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which plays a significant role in gambling regulation. More information about ACMA can be found here.
  3. International Gaming Consultancy, Melbourne (4 years to present): Currently, Faessler is associated with a leading gaming consultancy in Melbourne. His role involves advising international gambling operators on Australian regulations and developing compliance strategies. Firms similar to this include Senet Legal, offering legal and strategic advice to the gambling industry. Discover more about what such consultancies offer here.

Key Contributions and Experience

Throughout his career, Faessler has made significant contributions to the gambling regulatory sector:

  • Consumer Protection Initiatives: At the local regulatory body, Faessler enhanced consumer protection measures, ensuring that gambling operators adhered to ethical practices.
  • National Compliance Frameworks: At the National Gambling Authority, he was instrumental in developing national compliance frameworks.
  • International Advisory: Currently, Faessler advises global operators, helping them navigate the complexities of the Australian market. His strategic insights have been crucial in enabling businesses to operate within legal boundaries while optimizing their market potential.

Educational Contributions

Besides his professional accomplishments, Faessler contributes to educational discourse in gambling regulation. He's been a guest speaker at various universities and continues to participate in international conferences, sharing his insights and staying updated with global trends.

Future Outlook

As the gambling industry evolves with technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors, specialists like Faessler are vital in shaping responsive and responsible regulatory frameworks. With his extensive experience and commitment to ethical gambling practices, Matt Faessler continues to be a pivotal figure in the Australian and international gambling regulatory community.