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Date update: 28.02.2024 is a dedicated portal focusing on sports betting and online gaming. We specialize in reviewing and assessing betting companies, offering precise and current insights into the country’s gambling regulations.

Our mission is to guide bettors in navigating the world of online betting, helping them comprehend the workings of betting sites, and recommending the top choices for online wagering based on our stringent evaluation standards. 

Our team consists of legal professionals and betting aficionados who have collaboratively crafted a proprietary methodology to appraise websites.

This evaluation system is grounded in a distinctive rating approach pivoting around 8 specific criteria. For instance, 1xBet excels in the “betting” category due to its extensive range of sports options.

We deem a platform with over 30 sports as exemplary, awarding it the highest score in this category.

Other criteria, such as user-friendliness, are more subjective. Despite 1xBet’s comprehensive offerings, we find its interface somewhat challenging for newcomers to navigate.

Security Measures

Evaluating the security of an online betting platform is crucial. Our analysis focuses on two primary aspects:

  • The platform’s licensing status in its home country
  • Its adherence to technical security standards

Given that betting is yet to be officially regulated, local licenses aren’t available. However, it’s crucial for these platforms to hold valid licenses from their home countries. For instance, a company based in Malta should possess a Maltese gaming license.

Each country has its regulatory bodies and agencies responsible for issuing these licenses. We scrutinize these licenses to confirm their validity and ongoing activity.

From a technical perspective, we examine whether the platform maintains essential security certificates like SSL, ensuring user data encryption.

We also assess the security measures in place for their servers, including firewall protection and whether they undergo external security audits. These factors collectively contribute to the overall security and integrity of the betting platform, ensuring a safe and reliable betting environment for users.

Customer Support Evaluation

In our Hub’s assessment of bookmakers, customer support is a critical element of our review process.

To guarantee that bettors receive top-notch assistance, we examine several pivotal factors, including:

  1. The response time of the online chat service, as swift and efficient replies are essential.
  2. The diversity of contact methods offered by the platform, such as phone, WhatsApp, email, and online chat. The more avenues for communication, the better the user experience.

To provide an in-depth evaluation, we conduct real-time tests of the support through both online chat and email to gauge the team’s responsiveness and effectiveness.

These measures are fundamental in ensuring that the bookmakers we endorse provide reliable, accessible customer support that aligns with bettors’ needs.

Usability Assessment

Usability is another critical aspect in our evaluation of betting platforms.

  • The ease of navigation on the site is paramount. An intuitive interface and straightforward navigation significantly enhance the betting experience.
  • We analyze the registration process to ensure it’s quick and uncomplicated.
  • Site responsiveness is crucial, allowing players to access the bookmakers from various devices without needing additional apps.
  • Customization features, such as layout or preference settings, are highly valued as they allow users to tailor the platform to their liking.
  • We diligently search for any potential navigation bugs to ensure a smooth user experience.

In essence, our goal is to ensure that the bookmakers we recommend offer a platform that is accessible, reliable, and user-friendly, providing players with an enjoyable and hassle-free betting experience.

Assessing Betting Varieties

In our evaluation, we consider numerous vital criteria to ensure bettors find a platform that caters to their diverse interests.

We begin by examining the array of sports offered. We favor platforms that provide an extensive selection, giving users the freedom to venture into various betting arenas.

Beyond traditional sports betting, we explore whether the bookmaker provides additional entertainment avenues like casino games and live casino experiences, offering users more variety.

The availability of live streaming is another aspect we regard highly. It allows bettors to watch events unfold in real-time, adding an extra layer of excitement to their betting journey.

Equally important is the range of betting markets available for each event. A broader selection means more nuanced and personalized betting opportunities for users.

Evaluating Payment Options

Choosing the right bookmaker also involves a careful look at the payment methods available, an essential factor in our assessment.

We consider several elements to ensure users experience convenience and flexibility in their transactions:

  1. Variety and accessibility of deposit and withdrawal methods
  2. Minimum and maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals
  3. Speed of transaction processing

Platforms offering the PIX option earn additional points for providing a quick and hassle-free payment method. We also commend bookmakers that maintain low minimum thresholds, making betting accessible to a broader audience.

Our objective is to guide bettors towards bookmakers that not only offer a diverse array of payment methods but also ensure flexibility, low thresholds, and efficient transaction processing, thereby enhancing the overall gambling experience.

In our evaluations, we scrutinize the odds provided by bookmakers in comparison to their peers, as the value of odds is critical in enhancing the potential returns for bettors.

Additionally, we examine whether the platform offers enhanced odds programs, which serve to increase the profitability for users.

Superior odds translate to higher potential earnings for bettors, a factor we heavily weigh in our reviews. We aim to guide bettors towards platforms that not only present competitive odds but also offer avenues like enhanced odds programs to further augment their winning potential.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

In our quest to ensure bettors receive the most advantageous deals, we delve into various criteria related to promotional offers.

We explore whether the platform provides welcoming bonuses for new users and if it extends continued appreciation to existing members through ongoing promotions and loyalty rewards.

The availability of seasonal promotions is also noted for the additional excitement and earning opportunities they provide. The diversity of bonuses, encompassing both sports betting and casino offerings, is also a critical consideration.

Our examination includes a thorough review of rollover requirements to ensure they are fair and transparent. We spotlight bookmakers that offer a streamlined bonus process, minimizing red tape and enhancing the player’s experience.

Mobile App Accessibility

The presence of a mobile app significantly influences the choice between betting platforms.

Our focus is on ensuring bettors can enjoy a convenient and streamlined betting experience on their mobile devices.

We verify the app’s availability on major platforms, including iOS and Android, and assess the ease of the download and installation process.

The app’s response time is evaluated for its speed, a crucial component for a satisfying user experience. Additionally, we assess the app’s usability and overall functionality, ensuring it’s intuitive, stable, and encompasses all necessary betting features.

Our Core Principles

Let’s discuss our main values in detail:

  1. We are committed to transparency and fairness: In our reviews, we maintain neutrality and don’t let any partnerships or commercial arrangements influence our analysis. Our evaluations are grounded in objective criteria to ensure that our audience receives information that is both unbiased and dependable. Any lack of transparency or dubious practices identified are openly discussed to ensure bettors are fully aware.
  2. We are dedicated to honesty: Acknowledging that no bookmaker is flawless, we don’t shy away from pointing out areas for improvement. This forthright approach ensures our reviews give bettors a comprehensive and truthful depiction of what they can expect.
  3. We prioritize security and integrity: In our assessments, the security and integrity of a bookmaking platform are paramount. We rigorously review elements like licensing, regulatory compliance, and player protection measures, irrespective of a bookmaker’s other positive attributes.
  4. We embrace diversity: Recognizing the varied tastes and needs of players, our evaluations are inclusive, catering to a wide spectrum of bettor preferences and styles.
  5. We respect our audience: Player feedback is invaluable to us. We consider your insights, whether they are concerns or commendations, as critical inputs to our reviews.
  6. We uphold ethical standards: The ethical standing of bookmakers is of utmost importance. We do not overlook evaluating bookmakers on ethical grounds and moral considerations where relevant.
  7. We promote education and responsible betting: Understanding the significance of educating bettors about safe betting practices, our reviews often encompass information about responsible gambling and the risks associated with betting.


We take pride in our evaluation approach, which is built on the pillars of impartiality, integrity, and transparency.

The trust our readers place in our reviews is not just valued; it’s seen as our most significant responsibility. We are devoted to delivering precise and thorough information, aiding bettors in making informed choices.

Our philosophy doesn’t revolve around favoritism towards bookmakers or overlooking their shortcomings. Instead, we emphasize security, openness, and ethical conduct, always ready to point out areas where bookmakers can enhance these aspects.

Understanding the diverse needs and preferences of players, our methodology reflects this variety. We also advocate for the awareness of responsible gaming practices.

Driven by a passion to deliver objective and valuable insights to bettors, we continually refine our methodology to keep pace with the evolving industry, steadfast in our commitment to fairness and quality.